Fresh Blood

For my first post I’ll write about some of the new Techno products that have grabbed my attention (and most likely yours as well)


Massive fan of Mozilla’s web browser, probably the most fully featured browser out there (IMO). The only things missing in FF3 were:

  • Speed
  • Look

And with the latest update (4) it improved on those two things GREATLY. It’s seriously fast (less memory print) and has a very simple, easy to use interface. This version will definitely bring Mozilla’s browser back on top.


iPad 2 (iOS), Motorola Xoom (Android), Advent Vega (Android), Blackberry Playbook, HP (WebOS).

So many tablets to choose from and so many more that will be arriving. iPad is leading the competition, everyone seems to be on the iPhone/Pad buzz, but the one that I’m looking forward to is the hTC Flyer:

It has the looks (patched up with uni body aluminum). It will have Android 2.4 (I’ve heard) Android 2.3 built into it with Sense on top (Sense is probably the best skin out of all the rest), and will be updated to version 3 in the near future. For the app hungry people, this is compatible with nearly all the android apps on the market unlike the Motorola Xoom. In terms of specs, the Flyer covers everything; a good processor, good cameras, and a very nice display.



The successor to the PSP has been announced -> NGP. Spec wise this is a beast. Boasting a 4 Core CPU and multi touch OLED screen which might be running on the Android system.

Nintendo 3DS has been launched and is the fastest selling Nintendo handheld ever.


Crysis 2 & Kill Zone 3 have been launched and have been big hits, both games boast the top Graphics on consoles to date and game-play wise have lived up to the hype. I have both games (have yet to play KillZone3) and am loving Crysis 2, the overall feel to the game is amazing. The artwork is class, it truly is. Have never played a game which offers top level graphics with a top level story line + top notch game play with a smooth all around online multiplayer mode. Definitely recommended to the FPS lovers 🙂


This is the time of year when football fans everywhere gear up for PES and FIFA news/rumors. For me it’s PES that I will be looking forward to (like always) and I think 2012 will be a brilliant game of football as PES 2011 is a great base to build upon and if Konami get things right, this game might actually surpass PES 5/6 <- the most beloved versions of PES. Yes it is a hard task but it is definitely achievable.

Well thats it for now. Thanks for reading!



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