PES 2012 Impressions

Only Pro Evolutions


Seabass uses the term “new version”, which suggests to me that we’ll be getting PES 2011.5 next October – although I believe it’s not necessarily a bad thing. For me, PES 2011 was a highly entertaining game that still to this day, provides me with hours of entertainment. I believe Konami are slowly reaching their goal, and PES 2012 will be a stepping stone on the pathway to eternal glory.

Full link – Seabass PES 2012 Video: The Breakdown

Grayday from PESFAN


2012 isn’t the year for redefinition, but rather refinement. PES 2011 signalled the first steps in a new direction for Pro Evolution Soccer, whilst this year is all about making further progress along that path –and you get a sense of this when you watch the video. Seabass talks of impending improvements, and validates those changes by relating them to current shortcomings. The ‘to camera’ style gives a real sense of conversation and cooperation with the viewer, which is furthered by the references of user feedback, and it having a direct influence on the changes made. The team really want to get the point across that their actions are responses to your requests.

Full link – PES 2012 First News – Developer Blog with Seabass

A podcast will be released by WENB later tonight, going into more depth.

Podcast released!: WENB Poddy

Another impression from Thiago Maycons Brazilian website: Comunidade PES

PSM3’s Impressions are up!

What Seabass is promising in terms of team work and free pattern play could be immense

Full Link: verdict on what Konami are doing well – and not so well


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